What is a Microsoft Access Database?

Microsoft Access databases are software files made with Microsoft Access, part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite of programs. These files can be structured in such a way as to produce custom application programs by using custom software development practices. These custom applications can do a wide variety of tasks. A database is a collection of information that can be designed and developed to match the precise needs of your business. Microsoft Access databases store your data or business information and they also have the capability of creating custom designed screens to access that data.

By programming Microsoft Access to do exactly what your business needs it to do and then providing you with your custom built Microsoft Access database software, you can accomplish your day to day tasks with precision and ease. Your custom designed database software is programmed to do what you need it to do and nothing more, resulting in less confusion for you and your users, which in turn maximises your business' productivity. A custom Microsoft Access database specifically designed and developed to help you in this manner can save thousands of hours of laborious work.

Note that you DO NOT need to have purchased Microsoft Access for your computer systems in order to benefit from a custom designed Microsoft Access database software application. we can supply a run-time version of Microsoft Access at no additional cost to you.

Why We Use Microsoft Access Databases

We use Microsoft Access as a design and development platform because:

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