CypherBYTE Fee Structure

Our fees and charges revolve around the time it takes to perform the work you need completed and the hourly rate, which changes depending upon the priority you have for the work to be completed. Below is a list of priorities and how they effect the speed of development. Don't worry, during the estimation process, we will ask you how quickly you want your project completed and make an honest recommendation on which priority level you should select, based on current workloads.

Standard Priority
Charged at $132 per hour (including GST), standard jobs are prioritised against other standard priority jobs by the start date of the job (first in - first out).

High Priority
Charged at $165 per hour (including GST), high priority jobs are performed ahead of standard priority jobs, with the exception of standard projects already under way. All high priority jobs are prioritised against other high priority jobs by the start date of the job (first in - first out).

Priority One
Charged at $220 per hour (including GST), this priority is as high as it gets. Jobs of this priority are commenced ahead of high priority and standard priority jobs, including those already under way. All priority one jobs are prioritised against other priority one jobs by the start date of the job (first in - first out).

Before you make any decisions based upon price alone, there are many other factors you should consider!

How efficiently the work is done?
CypherBYTE has been providing broad computing solutions since before Windows was released. With broad industry experience and intimate knowledge of Microsoft applications, we can create applications with the highest levels of efficiency, which, in turn, saves you money.

How precisely time is measured?
For software development, CypherBYTE keeps precise measures to determine exactly how much time is spend on your project. We round DOWN to the nearest half hour. Precise time measurements keep your costs down!

What's the support like?
You will be supported by the developer who wrote your application! Can't get better than that. Our focus is on keeping everything running smooth for you.

The quality of the end result
CypherBYTE prides itself on the quality of its work. Feel free to ask any of our referring clients about it, or view the customer testimonials.

How user-friendly is the end result?
CypherBYTE ensures user-friendly designs by testing them with people who are unfamiliar with computers in general and we then assess and simplify when any difficulties arise. We encourage you to put forward ideas that you believe may streamline your software.

Design Continuance Protection option
Ensures that in the unlikely event of the closure of CypherBYTE you will have all you need (includes source code and MySQL database backups) to be able to continue developing your software so that investments you have made are not lost. This includes the provision of regular MySQL backup files.

DCPDesign Continuance ProtectionApplication$1,100
MSAMaintenance and Support AgreementApplication$1,100

The Design Continuance Protection is mandatory for all significant software development projects built from the ground up by CypherBYTE and for projects built on hosted MySQL data sources. It is not mandatory for small jobs or where we start with your database. The Maintenance and Support Agreement is redacted, but still honoured.

All prices include GST.
Prices last updated 1st November 2016. Previous update was on 11th January 2012.
CypherBYTE reserves the right to change any part of this fee structure at any time, without notice.

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